Thursday, January 22, 2015

Etsy, A Love - Hate Relationship!

After Etsy's decision to allow third party manufacturing, and then an announcement of "going public" it seems to have created uproar among many sellers. For months now I have been hearing so much negatively like "I leaving Etsy," Etsy sold out," Etsy is going downhill," "Etsy did this ...and that." And on and on...
I watched the internet bash the site that I built my business on! My sale numbers speak for itself and my results show the truth of a thriving Etsy! My answer for those doing the bashing, ask some top sellers "how's business!"
My first year on Etsy I made $215 dollars! It didn't happen over night. It involves a lot of dedication and hard work.
I sold on Etsy for many years before I quit my day job. I am not bragging (well..maybe a little!) but my opinion for any new seller or someone wanting to start their on business, your success will be hard work, dedication, great customer service and a few tears in between it all. Success must be goal driven and a determined mind that you will succeed!
So, the end results for me through this love- hate relationship, I am very thankful and love Etsy. They gave  me the opportunity to reach thousands of people. I don't blame them for my downfalls, just as I don't praise them completely for my success. The praise or blame is solely mine. I am very proud to be a Etsy seller, and I am happy to see it continuing to flourish because I know, in some little way, I contributed to that success.

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